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  SMC  Inverted Microscope




Observation method:
    - Bright field
    - Simple Polarizer (option)

The best Inverted Metallurgical Microscope to observe metal organization. Since Camera Mount which was located on center of the Head conventionally is located at the left side of body, The observation of specimen on a stage becomes easier, And improve the operativity of manipulator.

By using the long working distance objective lenses, The magnification of the objective lenses are changeable without any focus adjustment.



Tube Length



 HWF10x(F.no18), HWF15x(F.no12)

Objective Lens (W.D.)

 Din type : LM5x(21), LM10x(12.2), LM20x(12.2), LM40x(6.8) LM Plan 100x dry(3.3)

Siedentopf Head

 Binocular + TV tube light-path changeable system, left side, 45°inclined , 55 ~ 75mm interpupillary 
 distance, dioptric adjustment


 50x ~ 1500x (25x ~ 2000x as per option)


 Coaxial coarse & fine focusing knobs, coarse & fine focusing range 15mm; +5mm upper, -10mm l  
 power (from matching point of green-color-index marks at the side of the body), per rotation 0.6mm,
 1div 0.003mm

Mechanical Stage

 170 x 150mm, cross movement mechanical stage with coaxial handle low position, the stroke range
 of  Y30mm X30mm


 Quintuple nosepieces

Coaxial Illuminator

 Vertical coaxial reflector, w/field & aperture diaphragm, green filter, centerable socket,6V30W
 halogen lamp,base with built-in transformer, A.C volt100v, 115v, 220-240v


 369(H) x 400(D) x 460(W) mm

Net Weight

 About 10.5 kgs


 HWF5X & WF20X Eyepiece, F20-W: White frost filter, F20-CM500S:Infrared rays cut filter, PLZ:
 Polarizer set, H.W.F10XDA adjustment eyepiece , S32:cross, S34: 10mm1/100, S50:10mm1/100
 Cross, S64:Reticle10x10mm

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