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EMA 400
Mask Aligner



Product Features

  • Economical, Compact & Hi-Level Performance
  • Viewing fused image of two alignment marks in the field of view
  • Integrator lens for exposure
  • LED illuminator

Application (Micromachine development in R&D center and university)

  • Acuator, Pressure Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Power Device, etc
  • Exposure for Flip Chip/BGA/CSP
  • Exposure for Optical/High Speed Communication Components




Alignment Scope

Objectives separation

15 ˜ 75mm

Total magnification


Illuminator for observation

Red LED (=633 nm)

X, Y Movement range of stage

±5 mm




Power source for main body and mercury lamp

AC 100V 50/60Hz 15A

Vacuum source

Below 21.3 Kpa (-80 Kpa from atmospheric pressure)

Exposure Unit


Integrator lens

Mercury lamp

250W ultra-high pressure vapor mercury lamp

Effective exposure area

Max 100 mm

Intensity distribution

±5% or less

Intensity of illumination

20 mW/cm2 (405 nm)

Exposure time control

Digital timer and rotary solenoid

Mercury Lamp Lighting Unit

AC 110V

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