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Product Features

  • Special Thermohead™ provides extremely low thermal drift (less than 10 nm/°C) ensuring high stability of the tip-sample system. This allows long-term measurements to be done in pre-defined point on the specimen surface.
  • Temperature control with sample temperature alteration is possible in the range of -30°C (Peltier element) to 200°C with the high temperature maintenance accuracy. It allows the observation of the structural changes on the specimen surface, such as crystallization, melting, growth processes, etc. with precise experiment conditions control.
  • Different liquid cells are available: hermetic chemically stable liquid flow cell with a possibility of the temperature control at elevated temperatures; closed liquid flow temperature controlled cell for operating with Petri dishes; replaceable heater. 

    Scanning Probe Microscopy

    STM/ AFM (contact + semi-contact + non-contact) / Lateral Force Microscopy / Phase Imaging/Force Modulation/ Adhesion Force Imaging/ Magnetic Force Microscopy/ Electrostatic Force Microscopy/ Scanning Capacitance Microscopy/ Kelvin Probe Microscopy/ Spreading Resistance Imaging/ Lithography: AFM (Force and Current), STM


    Scan type

    Scanning by sample

    Scanning by probe*

    Sample size

    Ambient environment

    Up to 40 mm in diameter,
    to 15 mm in height

    Up to 100 mm in diameter, up to 15 mm in height

    Heating or cooling

    10x10x1.5 mm
    15x12x1.5 mm

    Up to 15x17x1.5 mm

    XY sample positiniong range

    5x5 mm

    Positioning resolution

    Readable resolution -5 um
    Sensitivity -2 um

    Temperature control


    From -30°C to +80°C/RT – +150 C

    From RT to 300°C


    ±0.005 (typically),
    ≤ ±0.01°C

    ±0.01°C (typically),
    ≤ ±0.02°C

    Scan range

    -30°C - +80°C

    10x10x5 um


    Ambient conditions/ RT - +150°C



    RT - +300°C



    DualScan™ mode

    Up to 150x150x15 um** (DualScan™ mode)

    Thermal drift***


    15 nm/°C


    10 nm/°C

    Non linearity, XY
    (with closed loop sensors)

    ≤ 0.1%

    ≤ 0.15%

    Noise level, Z
    (RMS in bandwidth 1000Hz)

    With sensors

    0.04 nm(typically),
    ≤ 0.06 nm

    0.06 nm(typically),
    ≤ 0.07 nm

    Without sensors

    0.03 nm

    0.05 nm

    Noise level, XY****
    (RMS in bandwidth 200Hz)

    With sensors

    0.2 nm (typically),
    ≤ 0.3 nm (XY 100 um)
    0.025 nm(typically),
    ≤ 0.04 nm (XY 10 um)

    0.1 nm (typically),
    ≤ 0.2 nm

    Without sensors

    0.02 nm(XY 100 um),
    0.002 nm(XY 10 um),
    0.001 nm (XY 3 um)

    0.01 nm

    Linear dimension estimation error
    (with sensors)



    Optical viewing system

    Optical resolution

    1 um/3 um

    3 um

    Field of view

    4.5-0.4 mm

    2.0-0.4 mm

    Continuous zoom



    Vibration isolation


    0.7-1000 Hz


    Above 1 kHz

    Scanning head can be configured to serve as a stand-alone device for specimens of unlimited sizes.
    ** Optionally can be expanded to 200x200x20 m.
    *** For temperature range –30°C – +80°C
    **** Built-in capacitive sensors have extremely low noise and any area down to 50x50 nm can be scanned with closed-loop control.

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