รหัส : MX-4R Series
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Head : Binocular or Trinocular Head
Eyepiece     : 10x / 22mm
Objective  : 5x-DIC, 10x-DIC, 20x-DIC, 50x (semi- apochromatic, 100x (semi-apochromatic)
Focusing : Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, coarse adjustment distance 30mm, precision of fine adjustment 0.001mm, with coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment
Stage : 4" double layers mechanical stage, moving range 105x105mm, with metal flat stage, right hand position X, Y moving hand wheel, with stage adaptor, MXPS polarizer inserter and MXPWSR 360°rotatable analyzer inserter; 1/2 CTV; Inner hexagon spanner
Illumination    : Built-in 90-240V wide voltage transformer, one way power putout, Reflected illuminator system, With iris field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, central adjustable, with filter slot and polarizing slot, with oblique illuminator switch, Single high-power 5W LED with brightness adjustable (Transmited illumination system : Single high-power 5W LED white, brightness adjustable N.A. 0.5 condenser, with iris diaphragm
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